Diet after abortion

To prevent anemia, iron rich foods are essential after abortion. Also avoid eating inedible radish, hawthorn, bitter melon, orange to name a few.

Best Natural Foods For Recovery After An Abortion

The iron is easily absorbed by the body. Opt for whole grain varieties whenever possible. Pour a glass of milk and let it boil for some time.

Stick to a diet that's high in iron, including brown rice, lentils and spinach, which will help your body recover after blood loss. Dairy products also provide proteins and vitamins. Dates Dates are full of vitamins and minerals and you can make a very delicious and healthy snack by adding seven dates to a diet after abortion of milk and boiling it for some time.

You can have it twice a day. These can lead to rapid fluctuations in blood glucose levels and have poor nutritional value. Fatty meat, fried food and full cream dairy products are not advisable and should be avoided.

You can add almonds or other nuts too. No excessive strain to the body and minimize working in cold water. Adequate supply of vitamins and inorganic salts should be included to get iron supplement in the body. Heavy bleeding, reducing vitamin, riboflavin level as well as iron can have a hazardous result in the body.

You should definitely include low fat products when it comes to dairy products like low fat milk. Easy to digest food is a must after an abortion.

These are not very nourishing for the body and can cause very rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Allow Notifications. If you suddenly experience sharp pain during sex after an abortion, call your local clinic for advice. It will make sure that your body is getting an adequate supply of vitamins as well as inorganic salt, that will help you to increase the iron supplement in the body and will also help in recovery also.

You can grill it instead. These foods are also rich in iron and vitamin B. The body really needs to rest and sort itself out. Calcium Rich Nutrients Calcium levels can go berserk during pregnancy.

One must follow certain healthy diet tips after an abortion or a miscarriage. About the Author: Diet to be followed after Abortion 1. Fish, tender chicken, eggs, animal liver, meat, soybean, milk, dates, lotus seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables add nutrition to the diet.

Brynne Chandler Reviewed By: And also, miscarriages that happen on their own, when a woman is pregnant, due to certain health complications can also occur. Apart from consuming these iron-rich foods, Consuming Vitamin C rich foods are also very important for better absorption of iron by the body.

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What to Eat and Avoid After Abortion

This type of nutritional diet will make sure to build a stronger immune system and help you recover faster from abortion. Seafood, soy and green leafy vegetables are also excellent sources of calcium.Aug 29,  · Whether it is an abortion or a miscarriage, the fact is that your body loses a lot of blood and nutrients during this time and your health is at risk, so a good diet must be followed after an abortion.

There are certain healthy foods that can be consumed after an abortion, in order to Chandana Rao. hi all, want to know what should i eat after missed r alone and no one is there to take care of me n my hubby is worried about my diet what kind of food he should give for me then i got idea to post here for good kind of food i hould take to be healthy again i feel very week in advance for suggestions.

The best diet after abortion, according to the health care professionals at, is light, bland and comforting — because terminating a pregnancy, as with many medical procedures, can result in addition, you should concentrate on eating fresh, whole foods that offer dense Brynne Chandler.

Oct 07,  · After an abortion, the woman needs to be very careful in her diet to recover back soon.

Diet After an Abortion

The operation can be small but the side effects on the body can be huge. Heavy bleeding, reducing iron and vitamin B12, B9 and B2, or riboflavin levels in the body are few health problems after an Amrisha.

Jan 23,  · Diet recommended after an abortion / miscarriage: 1. Increase the intake of proteins in the diet. Adequate supply of vitamins and inorganic salts should be included to get iron supplement in the body.

This helps to prevent anemia and have the nutritional supply. 2. Easy to digest food is a must after an abortion. Do not eat cold or greasy food. Mar 28,  · Diet to be followed after Abortion 1. Dairy. Low-fat dairy products will satisfy most of the dietary needs from a terminated pregnancy.

Increasing intakes of vitamin D is also crucial for calcium absorption. one-cup servings of milk will help you get necessary calcium and vitamins.

2. Water. Excessive sweating is very common post abortion.

Diet after abortion
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